things to forget

installation, göteborgs konsthall, april 2008

the piece things to forget consisted of four site specific incursions based on objects placed in different spaces in the art hall. objects typically associated with public spaces were used as props to stage scenes based on existing interior details. the objects were placed as natural parts of the space. what is usually seen as unimportant details in the rooms were intensified while the original functions of the objects were either missing or distorted.

pattern recognition
material: linoleum flooring, plastic potted ficus, dead leafs from a real ficus
placed in the reception room
disconnection noticed
material: lamp shade, low voltage incandescent bulb, gray power cable
placed in the left corner of the main exhibition hall, underneath skylight and ceiling lights
most of the time
material: overhead projector, orange filter, paper frame
projection on a radiator in the small exhibition room
between here and now
material: stack of chairs, two ceramic tiles
placed in the small exhibition room, next to the basement door